ICT Audio Visual Services scoops award!

4 April 2010

AV Law Building setup
AV Law Building setup

ICT Audio Visual Services is proud to announce that the New Law Building has been awarded the 2010 AMX Best Project Award for outstanding, unique and innovative audio visual design and installation.

Presented at the AMX10 Australasian Dealer Conference in February, this highly prestigiousannual award attracts widespread recognition from global industry leaders and the international university community. Over 50 AMX dealers were invited to nominate AV projects resulting in 21 finalists. From conception to completion, the University of Sydney was hailed for its capacity to conceive, commission, consult and execute such a highly challenging and cutting-edged install, and for setting new and exciting AV standards.

The University of Sydney's Audio Visual Services team supervised the design and construction of the advanced AV solutions. The project involved a large design team working on 30 individual AV systems in the New Law Building on the Darlington Campus. These included three 100-seat lecture theatres, a 100-seat congress lecture theatre, 18 seminar rooms, a 300-seat lecture theatre and a moot court.

The moot court is particularly impressive as it comprises of a massive amount of advanced AV equipment including; five HD cameras, six flat panel screens, multiple loudspeaker zones, 15 microphones, streaming tools, video processors, HD videoconferencing as well as live record and playback devices for student assessment. It also employs the University AV Standard AMX touch-panel ensuring a more effective and consistent user experience.

(AMX Australia is a subsidiary of AMX Worldwide, specialising in device control, automation & technology management solutions for the audio visual sector).

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