Shared Outlook calendar issues

17 October 2012

Recently, users of shared Outlook calendars have reported issues with meeting requests being incorrectly cancelled and removed from users' calendars. The same issue has been reported by other large organisations and Universities, and Apple is actively working with Microsoft to resolve the issue.

The issue occurs when the calendar user has an iPod, iPhone or iPad with the latest operating system, IOS6 and when delegates assist with managing calendar entries.

To prevent being impacted by this issue, you can:

  • remove all delegates from being associated with your calendar, or
  • allow only delegates to manage meeting requests for your calendar (do not decline invitations yourself), or
  • if this is a major issue for you, turn off any device with iOS6 that you have associated with your Exchange account, or
  • install an app such as TouchDown for iOS to manage your email and calendar as the problem only occurs with the Exchange email client that comes standard with your device.