Simplifying SPAM

27 March 2010

ICT has a spam filtering solution called Sophos that is designed to quarantine potentially harmful spam messages and prevent them from entering your email inbox. The system sends a notification to University users to specify any messages which have been classified as spam. ICT has recently refined the system so that notification emails are received once a day, after midday. The notification emails contain a table that details the subject and sender of the message, the time it was sent, the probability of the message being spam and a link that allows you to release the email from quarantine if it is not harmful.

For example:






[#lqkjdRA3]08:0098%koste5@yahoo.comRe: Medical Online Vicodin !!!

Over the past few months, the number of spam messages being detected by Sophos has increased significantly. Next week ICT will further refine the solution to reduce the number of messages that are kept in quarantine.