Successful pilot of Symantec Malware Solution Upgrade

30 April 2010

In late April 2010 ICT's pilot of Symantec's upgraded malware solution was successfully implemented on selected Windows desktops and laptops across the University. The upgraded Symantec solution will provide up to date security features and will deliver scheduled updates to provide greater protection from computer viruses.

Following the successful pilot, ICT will commence the rollout of the malware solution to select groups over the next four weeks. The targeted groups include the Faculty of Economics and Business, ICT Access Labs, and lecture theatres across the University.

Planning is underway to rollout the solution to the remainder of the University. More information about this project and its impact on staff will be provided through various channels.

If you have any questions about the Symantec Malware Solution Upgrade please contact the ICT Project Manager Maryann Lauofo.

Contact: Maryann Lauofo

Email: 2232072a242d175859280438340c78413b4f3e0630580914477c2b03