Protecting your personal information

19 April 2010

Many University staff members handle personal information as part of their job. This information may be about students, colleagues or members of the public. Everyone has the responsibility to protect this information from improper use or disclosure. Personal information doesn't have to contain names. Anything that can identify a person, such as student or staff numbers, tax file numbers, photographs, body samples etc must be protected.

Information technology presents great risks to privacy, in particular portable devices such as notebook computers and memory sticks. Many serious breaches of privacy occur as a result of lost or stolen computers and memory sticks. If you carry large amounts of personal information with you, it should be encrypted.

ICT urges you to treat personal information as if it were a dangerous substance. Handle as little of it as possible as infrequently as possible, don't leave it unattended, take particular care when sending it anywhere and only show it to people who have a right to it.

For more information on privacy, see the University Recordkeeping Manual on the Archives and Records Management Services website.

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