Video Conferencing upgrade

17 May 2010

The University of Sydney now has seamless connectivity to both local and international video conferences, thanks to ICT's recent upgrade of networking technology. In addition, many video conferences hosted on external networks can now be accessed through the University's internet service for the fraction of the cost of using the ISDN or telephone service.

The upgrade involved configuring Sydney's video conferencing hardware to link or "peer" with that of other Universities and institutions, simplifying the process for users to join conferences. You can now "dial" a colleague at a participating institution directly on your VC unit or desktop (just like dialling a phone number), or to join a booked conference all you need is the conference ID and access code and you can connect directly to the conference. For further details on making or booking conferences, contact the ICT Video Conference team.

The University of Sydney gatekeeper is currently peered with the Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS), Australian Academic Research NETwork (AARNET), James Cook University, University of New England, University of Wollongong and Lismore Northern Rivers Area Health.

Over the last few years ICT has been expanding the capability to provide multipoint video conferencing (conferencing from more than two locations simultaneously) and is now working with the NSW Department of Education to connect the University of Sydney to NSW high school classrooms to promote "Science in Schools".

ICT also provides Desktop Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Services. For more information on these and other related services, visit IT Assist.

Contact: ICT Video Conference Team

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