Symantec Antivirus installation in ICT Access Labs

20 May 2010

On Tuesday 25 May 2010 ICT will commence an upgrade of the Symantec antivirus software on Windows computers in ICT Access Labs and Teaching Labs across the University. Symantec antivirus protection will also be introduced for Apple computers across University labs.

Students and teachers can continue using the labs during the software installation process. Once the installation of the antivirus software is complete, a message will appear on the computer screen to alert users to save their work before the computer reboots. Please ensure your work is saved before the computer reboots.

If you experience any problems with a lab computer while the installation is taking place, please speak to the ICT staff onsite or contact the ICT Helpdesk on 02 9351 6000.

The rollout of antivirus software for ICT Access and Teaching labs is scheduled to be completed on Friday evening 28 May 2010. If you have any questions about the Antimalware project please email Maryann Lauofo or call 02 9114 0989.

Contact: Maryann Lauofo

Phone: 02 9114 0989

Email: 1b29161b181f5a795e592c3b2b0c021b1c252335096b173426783941