Voice network maintenance scheduled on 4 and 5 June 2010

31 May 2010

ICT will be making changes to the University's voice network commencing 7pm Friday 4 June 2010, and concluding at 5pm Saturday 5 June 2010. During this time you may experience interruptions when placing calls from Ericsson PABX and the CISCO VoIP voice units.

After the changes are completed, the process for accessing Ericsson Voice Mail messages from another University extension will have changed. Instead of dialing 9351 7000 to access Voice Mail, staff will only need to dial 17000 to reach the Voice Mail system, once answered enter *#from any voice unit and follow the voice prompts. This will also apply to staff who are using their voice unit to check Voice Mailboxes that are not their own (eg shared Voice Mailboxes).

Note that the process for checking Voice Mail messages on the CISCO Voice Mails system will not change.

Contact: Peter Rimington

Phone: 02 9114 0860

Email: 44292d291c441e38000c5a29192e0f051a412e5e5c3b583d294d5a2026