Password management - are you keeping your information secure?

10 January 2011

Over the past year the University has emphasised the importance of keeping systems safe and information secure through the revised Security Policy and regular security messages.

You can help by practicing vigilance when using University technology and information resources, particularly in the area of personal UniKey account information.

As well providing access to University resources, your UniKey also gives access to your personal details in MyHRonline or MyUni. To decrease the risk of a security breach, you should:

  • change your password regularly. In 2009 the University introduced a comprehensive set of password rules to make it difficult for hackers to guess your account details. If you find it difficult to think of one, this technique is useful: "take a sentence and turn it into a password. Something like 'This little piggy went to market' might become "tlWENT2m".
  • never share personal UniKey login details with anyone. Sharing logins and passwords is a direct breach of the University's security policy and you should be aware that you are responsible for any activity on your account.
  • Never respond to emails requesting confirmation of your username and password credentials. The ICT Helpdesk only allows a change of password over the phone or in person after asking other security questions.

To change your UniKey password now, visit 'UniKey account' on the IT Assist website.