Windows 7 installation in lecture theatres and teaching spaces

11 January 2011

Information and Communications Technology has commenced the installation of the Windows 7 operating system on lectern PCs in centrally managed lecture theatres and teaching spaces.

Throughout Semester 1 2011, ICT will continue to upgrade all AV-equipped lecture theatres and teaching spaces with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. As well as improving computer performance and providing greater functionality, Windows 7 delivers improved security against viruses and increased compatibility with new video file formats. It also reduces the need to install drivers for USB devices.

Windows 7 is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, so existing PowerPoint presentations will work on the upgraded machines. ICT has tested most of the university software for compatibility with Windows 7. The compatible applications are listed on IT Assist here. If you use software for teaching that does not appear on this list, visit the vendor website to check for Windows 7 compatibility.

For information regarding Windows 7 release please visit IT Assist.

For information about University lecture theatre PCs please contact the ICT Helpdesk (Audio Visual Services) on x16000 and dial '2'.