Free internet access for students

21 February 2011

All currently enrolled students receive free internet access through the University's wired and wireless networks. The University recognises the increasing need for students to use online resources for coursework, research and communication, and has introduced free internet access, enabling students to access these resources at no cost.

Previously, students have had free access to online resources such as the University website, MyUni, Sydney Mail and eLearning (previously WebCT); however up to last year, access to external websites was limited to 6MB per day and students were charged for any access that exceeded this limit. In December 2010 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) removed the cache-billing process to provide free internet access for all students, allowing them to access all websites free of charge through the University's wireless and wired networks. This allows students to browse external websites, conduct research and view media resources - activities often required for coursework - without being charged a fee.


ICT have put a number of technical and commercial arrangements in place to enable free internet access for students at an acceptable cost to the University. In conjunction with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) we are confident that this initiative will make a very positive contribution to the student experience for our 50,000-strong student community.

Use of the University's internet service is governed by the Code of Conduct and Conditions of Use as outlined in the