ICT launches new staff support website

6 May 2011

ICT is now delivering support information to staff in a more searchable and efficient way! Information that was on the IT Assist website has been migrated to the Ask Sydney - Staff website, an online knowledge base that contains information in an easy-to-find question and answer format.

Ask Sydney - Staff uses a knowledge-base solution to publish ICT's support information based on the questions most frequently asked by staff. This one-stop shop for ICT support information has a strong search function and a built-in "scoring" system that ranks answers by popularity and relevance. Staff can also rate the usefulness of existing answers (this helps determine the ranking of search results) and provide comments about how we can improve the information.

Ask Sydney - Staff eliminates the tedious activity of trying to locate information on a specific (sometimes hidden!) page through a long series of mouse clicks. Now staff can locate specific IT support information by entering a question or key words relating to your query into the Ask Sydney - Staff search bar, or you can browse through the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), which are categorised by department and service.

ICT is currently testing the website's 'Ask a question' function. 'Ask a question' is an online form that enables staff to submit a question to the ICT Helpdesk if you cannot find the information you are looking for.Before your question is submitted it will suggest related answers based on thewords you enter in the online form. We thankyou for your patience as ICT tests this functionality and ask staff who find difficulty finding information on thenew website toplease contact the ICT Helpdesk.