Learning Network building commences in ICT Access Labs this June

18 May 2011

The University of Sydney is rolling out a 'Learning Network' to support the student experience. It includes developing a number of new learning hubs on the City campus.

The new learning hubs have been designed to support the student experience by providing group, pair and individual learning facilities which are integrated with technology. The learning hubs link with our libraries and will provide the beginning of an informal learning space network across the University. Building works will commence this June in some of the ICT Access Labs.

The 'Learning Network' project is part of the government's $500 million Teaching and Learning Capital Fund (TLC), which provides funding to initiatives focused on modernising and improving the quality of teaching and learning across the vocational education and training sector.

Building works will commence in the McGrath (Carslaw Building) and Engineering (Link Building) Access Labs in June. Students will be notified before redevelopment commences in the labs involved.

Please keep an eye out in the ICT Access Labs, At Sydney, the student IT website for more information about the 'Learning Network' project and where students can find alternative computing spaces on campus.