New student learning spaces

1 June 2011

As part of the $500 million Teaching and Learning Capital Fund (TLC), the University is making a commitment to excellence in the student experience through the development of Learning Hubs.

Learning Hubs are informal learning spaces that will modernise and improve the quality of our facilities throughout the campus. They complement the improvements being made to Fisher Library, which are also part of the project.

The learning hubs will contain group, pair and individual facilities, integrated with technology and cafe services to provide learning spaces for students who are studying in between and around their formal classes. However the project is bigger than just learning hubs and also includes;

  • A seminar space of 96 seats for group work and collaborative learning with integrated technologies on the first floor of the PNR building
  • Upgrading Fisher Library with new computing and multimedia facilities, a state of the art multimedia learning centre, and a 24 hour knowledge access centre, all supported by an upgraded high speed data network
  • A 28 seat, shared space in the Wallace Building, for the provision higher degree research seats.

As part of these redevelopments, some temporary closures will occur:

Carslaw SIT Computer Lab A (202A)4 JuneLink Building (222) South25 July
Carslaw SIT Computer Lab B (202B)4 June

Link Building (222)


1 December
Carslaw SIT Computer Lab C (202C)4 JuneLink Building (222)
25 July
Carslaw ICT Access Lab (201)25 June

Wentworth Building

Level 4

25 July

Throughout the above closures, general student computing facilities will still be available in other ICT Access Labs. Please visit the  student ICT website  for the locations of alternative labs.

ICT apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Keep an eye on At Sydney for further information on the TLC Projects.