Please do not install Apple Mac OS X Lion on University computers

22 July 2011

ICT recommends that staff do not install Mac OS X Lion on any University computers unless you are certain it is compatible with all the systems required for your work. We have already identified the following compatibility issues:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) does not work on OS X Lion
  • The Faculty of Arts shared drives are not accessible with OS X Lion installed
  • Mac Mail client setup is problematic on OS X Lion
  • Parallels 5 is not compatible with OS X Lion

ICT is still investigating and testing compatibility of University systems with Mac OS X Lion and will update our list of known issues over the coming weeks. Until full compatibility of our enterprise systems is confirmed, we highly recommend that staff do not upgrade to their Apple operating system to Mac OS X Lion.

If you have received an email from Apple UTD ( that invites you to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, please ignore it. This is a standard email directly from Apple sent to you because you are a Apple Mac license holder. Please do not action the email.

If you have already upgraded your University computer to Mac OS X Lion and you are experiencing problems as a result, you may require a total re-installation of Mac OS 10.6. Please contact the ICT Helpdesk on ext 16000 for assistance with this.

Staff who install Mac OS X Lion on personal machines and find that the operating system is incompatible with their applications should re-install Mac OS 10.6 using Snow Leopard installation disks (if you have these available) or by reverting back to the last Time Machine backup made by your Mac machine.