Student IT: What's new this semester?

22 July 2011

You might notice some significant changes to student IT services this semester; from the new online print management system to the opening of new computing facilities on the Darlington campus. Whether you're new to the University of returning this semester, make sure you read up on what's new! For more details, visit the Student IT website:

Need a computer?

  • Level 4, Wentworth Building is the home of the University's first Learning Hub! Unlike the traditional ICT Access Lab, the Wentworth Learning Hub contains group and pair study space in addition to individual study and computing space. It also contains couches, desks and power points to charge your laptop and other mobile devices.
  • The McGrath Access Lab (Rm 201 Carslaw Bldng) was closed at the end of Semester 1 to make way for the new Carslaw Plaza. In light of the closure, the 24-hour lab has been moved to the Link Access Lab(Room 222, Engineering Link Building J13). Students can access the lab using their student card. If you have difficulties accessing the lab please contact Security on (02) 9351 3487.
  • If you're after a cosier, common room-style lounge area to do some research, tackle some group work or just play with some new technology - head to the Tech Lounge located in Rm 221B, JFR building (above Sci-Tech Library).
  • There are 15 ICT Access Labs across several campuses that provide free access to computers that are now equipped with Windows 7, as well as Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Endnote software. All labs have black and white printing and some are equipped with colour printing and scanning facilities. Click Find a computer on the Student IT website to view lab locations, opening hours, software details, and how many computers are available in each lab.

Need help?
If you have an IT-related question or need some help accessing a system or setting up a device, head to Fisher Library, Level 2 or to one of our other staffed labs or you can call the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000 between 8am and 9pm, Mon-Fri.

Manage ONE account for all your printing
Starting this semester you can manage your print jobs online and pay for your printing using your UniKey account. This means whenever you print something at a Faculty teaching lab, you don't have to maintain or recharge a separate printing account with that Faculty; you just have to recharge your UniKey account! To view your print history and faculty printing quota click Student Printing on the Student IT homepage.

Printing costs and settings have changed!
Wherever it is available, printers are now set to print documents in black and white and double-sided by default; so if you want to print in colour or on one side of a sheet of paper, you need to change these settings before sending it to a printer. Students are also now charged per sheet of paper they print on, not per side. For more information click Printing & Scanning on the Student IT homepage.

Unlimited free internet access on campus
If you're back on campus for the first time since last year, you probably missed the announcement about students getting unlimited free internet! The great news is you can now access the internet free of charge on the ICT Access Lab and Learning Hub computers as well as through the University wireless network. Note your internet use is still subject to the guidelines in the ICT Resources Policy. You will need to set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection on your laptop or phone in order to access the internet from the University's wireless access points. For setup guides, info about technical requirements for different operating systems and maps containing the University's wireless access points, visit Internet Serviceson the Student IT homepage.

Update your bookmarks!

You might have noticed the URL to the student IT website has changed. If you had any if our web pages bookmarked, make sure you visit the new site which is now on