Staff using Office 2007 will receive latest Microsoft maintenance updates

12 August 2011

ICT has commenced installing Microsoft's latest maintenance updates to staff computers that have Microsoft Office 2007.These updates will allow ICT to upgrade the email accounts of University Staff over the coming months.

If you use Microsoft Office, the updates will be installed on your computer automatically; however you will need to restart your computer in order to complete the update process. The installation happens in the background, so you will be able to continue working with your computer while this is happening.

Once the update has finished installing, a pop-up notification will appear informing you that Windows will restart in approximately 15 minutes. Please save any open files and close any running applications before you restart your computer to ensure no documents are lost.

If you have already installed the latest Microsoft Office maintenance updates through the regular Windows Update process, you will not be affected by this and will not be required to restart your computer.

If you have any concerns or experience issues after the update is installed, please contact the ICT Exchange 2010 project team on