Sending University emails to Hotmail accounts

24 January 2012

Last week you may have experienced problems sending emails from your University email account to Hotmail accounts. If your email was blocked you should have received a notice advising that it could not be delivered.

The first reported bounce back was on 4.35AM on 11 January. ICT implemented a workaround last week and Hotmail has since been accepting emails sent from University accounts.

The issue was caused because a number of staff UniKey accounts were compromised (had their passwords divulged) and were used to send SPAM to external mail servers including Hotmail. Hotmail identified that some servers within our mail gateway service were sending SPAM and had these mail servers blacklisted.

ICT has removed the blacklisted servers from our enterprise mail gateway service and can confirm that Hotmail is no longer rejecting emails sent from our enterprise mail servers. Microsoft will remove us from the blacklist once our email service has consistently not sent any SPAM for a number of days. While the blacklist is normally removed after approximately 7 days, we have been working to expedite the process and will ensure that you are notified as soon as full capacity to our mail gateway has been restored.

To help avoid this issue repeating, please protect your UniKey account details by keeping your password private and learning how to identify phishing emails.The University would never ask for your UniKey account details and password via email.

Please note:

  • Not all emails sent to Hotmail accounts between 11 and 18 January need to be resent. Only some emails have bounced back, so only emailsfor which users have received a 'Failure to Send' notification need to be resent.
  • We were NOT blocked sending to Live@edu (aka Sydney Mail or accounts.

If you are still experiencing issues sending to Hotmail accounts please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.