SkyDrive- a new place for students to work on their assignments and store files

9 February 2012

Students now have a place to save and access their documents online by logging into SkyDrive. SkyDrive is an online service provided by the University as a result of an email arrangement with Microsoft, where students can create, upload, share and access files from a web browser. They can access their SkyDrive at and use their Sydney Mail credentials to log in.

SkyDrive provides:

  • 7GB of storage space
  • the ability to access documents from any browser with an internet connection. They can even download the SkyDrive app on their smart phone and view their files while on the move.
  • the option to share specific files or folders with their fellow students online. They can also modify file permissions so that they can all edit and work on their assignments at the same time; without having to be in the same room.
  • The SkyDrive service has replaced the 100MB of storage space that was once available under the U:/ drive on computers in faculty teaching labs and general computing Access Labs.

For more information about SkyDrive, you can visit the Student IT website.