Lectopia lecture recording system to be switched off

26 June 2012

At the beginning of the year, the University upgraded its lecture recording system from Lectopia to a new system called Echo360. Support for Lectopia has been withdrawn by the vendor and as a result the service will be switched off on Monday 23 July.

After this time, any remaining content on Lectopia will be transferred to an offline archive; with access to archived recordings only available on request (may take up to 5 days to retrieve recordings). If you would like to keep any of your recordings, please log in and download any content before the 23 July. For instructions on how to download content, please visit theInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) Audio Visual website.

If you have no further use for content stored in Lectopia, no action is required. For more information on the decommissioning of Lectopia, please visit theICT Audio Visual website.