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December 2010
Free internet for students in 2011   View Summary
12 December 2010
Free internetFrom 10 December, students have free access to the internet through the University's wired and wireless networks. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has removed all charging for internet access, thus providing free internet access for all students.
Windows 7 now available for new computers   View Summary
8 December 2010
Windows 7Staff can now have Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system, installed on any new Dell computer.
Access Lab vacation hours   View Summary
1 December 2010
Access Lab vacation opening hoursMost ICT Access Labs are now closed and will be undergoing general maintenance over the Summer holiday season. Students who need IT help while on campus can visit the Fisher and Carslaw Access Labs or contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000 until 17 December.
September 2010
Dialling outside lines   View Summary
28 September 2010
Prefix dialing outsideThe '2' prefix is no longer available to reach outside lines when using an Ericsson PABX phone. All phone users can continue to dial '0' to reach an outside line when using the University phone network.
Slowdowns in internet access   View Summary
14 September 2010
Slowdowns in internet accessIn the past two days several people across the University have been experiencing slow internet performance. ICT have identified the problem and have implemented a workaround this afternoon.
August 2010
Information Security Policy revised   View Summary
23 August 2010
Information Security PolicyInformation is an asset that is essential to the University operations and consequently needs to be suitably protected. This year, the University's Information Security Policy was revised to reflect current industry standards.
Register for the eResearch Showcase   View Summary
23 August 2010
eResearch ShowcaseeResearch is the application of advanced information and communication technologies to the practice of research. It is known to boost the effectiveness of research across diverse disciplines by increasing interaction and enhancing access to data - so much so that the Australian Government has allocated over $390M for eResearch activities. To provide information about eResearch activities in current and potential research projects, and to discuss your priorities, the University is hosting an eResearch Showcase on 6 October.
Engineering Faculty phone lines unavailable after 6pm on Friday 27 August   View Summary
23 August 2010
Phone Outage EngineeringICT will be conducting urgent maintenance to the University phone lines in the Engineering Faculty buildings to replace the regular and backup power supplies. This work is scheduled to occur between 6pm and 10pm on Friday the 27 August.
July 2010
Free student seminars about ICT services   View Summary
28 July 2010
Free Student SeminarsICT is hosting free one-hour seminars on 5 and 6 August for students who want to learn more about how to get the most of the ICT Access Labs, Sydney Mail, MyUni and the University e-learning system.
New to the University? Read this student guide to IT on campus!   View Summary
28 July 2010
student guide to IT on campusWhere can I get access to computers and printing on campus? Do I have to pay when I browse the internet? Is there someone who can help me set up my laptop so I can access the wireless network? What do I do if I can't log into MyUni or Sydney Mail? Read this guide if you want to know more about the IT services available to students at the University of Sydney!
IT Matters is coming to Cumberland!   View Summary
28 July 2010
IT Matters in cumberlandICT would like to host a rerun of the first two IT Matters sessions for staff at Cumberland and nearby campuses. In one hour we will cover two of the hot topics raised at the ICT Helpdesk: iPhones - what they can and can't do for you, and Staying connected -accessing work when you're away from your desk. We will need to meet a critical mass of registered attendees in order to hold this event - so please register!
Staying connected: seminar transcript and Q&A now available online   View Summary
20 July 2010
staff member using computerMissed the June seminar on "Staying Connected - accessing your work when you're away from your desk"? The transcript and question and answer highlights are available on the IT Matters website.
Savvy support - the fast-track guide to ICT help   View Summary
13 July 2010
Savvy support - the fast-track guide to ICT helpTechnology plays a critical role in our work at the University so knowing how to get help is essential. If you're setting up a new computer, moving a phone line or having difficulty accessing an important application; who is your first point of call? This month's IT Matters seminar covers how and where to access fast and efficient ICT support when you need it most.
Stay in touch when you travel overseas   View Summary
5 July 2010
Stay in touch when you travel overseasInternational travel is often an integral part of our roles at the University. To minimise the cost of overseas travel, ICT provides a number of options to stay connected without having to incur expensive mobile phone bills.
Fraudulent email alert   View Summary
2 July 2010
fraudulent emailPlease be aware that during the last week, some staff and students have received a fraudulent email that poses a potential security risk. An example of the email follows, along with advice on how to protect your UniKey account.
Email security guide   View Summary
2 July 2010
Email Security GuideDo you know how protect your inbox or guard your computer from malicious software? It's easy to protect yourself from online security threats if you know what to look for.
June 2010
Staying connected - how to access your work when you're away from your desk   View Summary
22 June 2010
Staying connectedHave you ever found yourself in a class or at a meeting needing to access information from a document, email or application but aren't quite sure how to connect? Whether you are roaming around campus, travelling interstate or heading overseas, staying connected is easy if you know how.
Tell us - what are the best iPhone applications for University staff?   View Summary
17 June 2010
Nominate iPhone ApplicationsThere are over 200,000 iPhone applications on iTunes so ICT are inviting staff to nominate the applications that are - or aren't - useful in the University environment.
Keeping your computer healthy and virus-free   View Summary
15 June 2010
Computer Healthy and Virus-freeDo you take care of your computer to ensure it is virus free and your data is protected? Just as we would take extra care to ensure our bodies are safe from nasty viruses and infections this winter, we should also consider taking the necessary precautions to ensure our computers are safe and secure from malicious software.
24/7 ICT Access Lab available on Camden Campus   View Summary
11 June 2010
ICT Access LabStudents studying at the University of Sydney Camden Campus have 24/7 access to 29 computers with Internet access, printing services, study-related software and basic assistive technology, thanks to the transformation of the ICT Access Lab in the General Teaching Building.
ICT hosts first IT Matters seminar in May 2010   View Summary
3 June 2010
IT Matters SeminarThe IT Matters seminar series commenced on Friday 28 May 2010 with over 50 attending the first session; iPhones - what you can and can't do.
May 2010
Voice network maintenance scheduled on 4 and 5 June 2010   View Summary
31 May 2010
Voice networkICT will be making changes to the University's voice network commencing 7pm Friday 4 June 2010, and concluding at 5pm Saturday 5 June 2010. As a result, there will be changes to the process for accessing Ericsson Voice Mail messages from another University extension.
National Cyber Security Awareness Week commences 6 June 2010   View Summary
31 May 2010
National Cyber Awareness Week logoThe Australian Government is running National Cyber Security Awareness Week between Sunday 6 June and Friday 11 June 2010 to raise awareness among internet users about the importance of cyber security and the simple steps you can take to protect your personal and financial information online.
Adobe Acrobat available for University staff without cost   View Summary
27 May 2010
Adobe logoICT is pleased to announce the release of a new licensing agreement which provides all University staff with access to Adobe Acrobat Professional. You can download and install the software straight from the IT Assist website onto your University Owned or Leased computer.
Pharmacy ICT Access Lab closed for upgrade (Friday 21 May 2010)   View Summary
21 May 2010
PharmacyThe Pharmacy ICT Access Lab will be closed on Friday 21 May 2010, as ICT will be conducting upgrades.
Symantec Antivirus installation in ICT Access Labs    View Summary
20 May 2010
antivirusOn 25 May 2010 ICT will be upgrading the Symantec antivirus software on Windows computers in ICT Access Labs and Teaching Labs across the University. This rollout is scheduled complete on Friday evening 28 May.
Video Conferencing upgrade   View Summary
17 May 2010
Video ConferencingVideo conferencing is now as easy as dialling a number thanks to a recent upgrade to the University network. Now you can call a colleague at a participating institution using your video-conferencing unit or desktop, or take part in a video conference covering more than two locations at the same time.
Protect yourself from phishing emails   View Summary
13 May 2010
phishing emailsPhishing emails are designed to fraudulently capture private and valuable information such as bank account details, user IDs and passwords. Find out how to spot them and what to do if you receive one.
University Data Recovery testing a success   View Summary
7 May 2010
University DataHave you ever wondered what would happen if a disaster destroyed the University's data centre? University IT systems are now safer, thanks to progress in ICT's disaster recovery testing.
April 2010
Successful pilot of Symantec Malware Solution Upgrade   View Summary
30 April 2010
SymantecIn April 2010 ICT's pilot of Symantec's upgraded malware solution was successfully implemented on selected Windows desktops and laptops across the University.
Protecting your personal information   View Summary
19 April 2010
Protecting your personal informationMany University staff members handle personal information as part of their job. This information may be about students, colleagues or members of the public. Everyone has the responsibility to protect this information from improper use or disclosure.
IT Matters seminars   View Summary
13 April 2010
IT Matters seminarsIT Matters is a series of lunchtime seminars designed by ICT. Come along and find out how to get more out of the University's IT support services.
ICT Audio Visual Services scoops award!   View Summary
4 April 2010
AMX Award logoThe New Law Building has been awarded the 2010 AMX Best Project Award for outstanding, unique and innovative audio visual design and installation.
Get MS Office 2007 for $75!!   View Summary
1 April 2010
keyboardStudents can now download Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for $75 (+$15 for any desired language packs, and a free upgrade to Office 2010 when released).
March 2010
Think Secure | Seven tips for using computers in public areas   View Summary
31 March 2010
padlockTo avoid the risk of compromising personal security, the University security working group encourages staff and students to rethink their approach to computer use. Here are seven tips for staying secure when using computers in public areas.
Simplifying SPAM    View Summary
27 March 2010
simplifying spamICT has a spam filtering solution called Sophos that is designed to quarantine potentially harmful spam messages and prevent them from entering your email inbox. ICT has recently refined the system so that notification emails are received once a day, after midday.
February 2010
Trouble accessing Sydney Mail   View Summary
21 February 2010
email buttonIf you are having difficulties logging into your Sydney Mail email account please ensure that you have performed the following actions prior to calling the ICT Helpdesk.
Consumer password worst practices   View Summary
17 February 2010
keyIn December 2009 a major vulnerability was discovered in the rockyou.com website that led to the breach of 32 million passwords. The hacker posted the full list of passwords on the Internet, providing a unique glimpse into the way users select passwords and an opportunity to evaluate the true strength of these as a security mechanism. Below are recommendations for users when choosing passwords.