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December 2011
Need a computer on campus?   View Summary
14 December 2011
student loungeIf you are in need of a computer on campus this summer visit the Student IT website for operating hours and staff availability. Labs that are located within University libraries are available during library opening hours. Fisher Library Access Lab is closed for construction while it is upgraded to a Learning Hub.
Improvements made to University email upgrade process   View Summary
7 December 2011
Exchange 2010 updateAs of last week, ICT has upgraded more than 6490 staff accounts to Exchange 2010, with 4310 accounts remaining to be upgraded in early 2012.
November 2011
SharePoint will be unavailable between 5am Saturday 19 November and 8am Monday 21 November   View Summary
16 November 2011
SharePoint 2010University SharePoint sites will be undergoing scheduled maintenance between 5am on Saturday 19 November and 8am Monday 21 November 2011. This means you will not be able to access your SharePoint site between these times.
SharePoint websites will be upgraded to 2010 platform this weekend   View Summary
9 November 2011
SharePoint 2010 logoICT will be upgrading University SharePoint sites to the Sharepoint 2010 platform between 6pm Friday 11 November and 8am Monday 14 November. This means staff will not have access to any SharePoint sites between these times.
Final call: Have your say on eResearch   View Summary
7 November 2011
eResearch surveyResearchers are invited to complete an online survey that will help to influence decisions and establish development priorities for the use of technology in research at the University of Sydney. Survey closes 6pm 13 November.
October 2011
University email account upgrade underway   View Summary
31 October 2011
University emailInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) has been working to upgrade University staff email accounts to Exchange 2010. As of last week, ICT have upgraded more than 3,334 user accounts to Exchange 2010.
Cisco phones will be upgraded on 29 October   View Summary
25 October 2011
Cisco phones will be upgraded on 29 OctoberICT will be upgrading Cisco Voice IP phones on Saturday 29 October between 9am and 5pm. Staff may experience brief service interruptions lasting approximately 5-10 minutes.
Intersect is hosting High Performance Computing Beginners training course 17-18 Nov   View Summary
17 October 2011
HPC trainingResearchers who are interested in using High Performance Computing (HPC) for their research are invited to attend a beginners training course on 17-18 November.
Dell is now the sole preferred supplier of University computers   View Summary
17 October 2011
Dell computerThe University's contracts with our two preferred computer suppliers (Lenovo and Dell) have recently changed. Dell has agreed to a 12 month extension of their contract and will be the sole preferred supplier for University PCs.
How to protect your private information from phishing emails   View Summary
17 October 2011
Email security Hackers often use fraudulent emails to obtain private information. These attacks - known as phishing emails - are becoming more sophisticated. Read on so you can spot the telltale signs and avoid compromising your personal details.
Limited access to Ericsson phone lines this Saturday 8 October   View Summary
6 October 2011
Ericsson phonesICT will be upgrading the software on Ericsson PABX phones on the Camperdown campus between 7.30AM and 5pm this Saturday 8 October. This may cause interruptions to the University phone lines.
September 2011
Virtual desktops now available for all students   View Summary
27 September 2011
virtual desktopNow you can access hundreds of software applications from your virtual desktop. Starting this week, you can access your own virtual desktop; new technology that will change the way you work on campus.
IT systems will remain available this Saturday 24 Sep: storage system upgrade has been cancelled   View Summary
21 September 2011
IT systemsInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) has chosen to reschedule this Saturday's IT system upgrade until further notice.
Sydney Mail accounts disrupted due to global Microsoft issue   View Summary
13 September 2011
email iconOn 9 September Sydney Mail accounts were inaccessible between 12.51pm and 4.13pm EST due to a global Microsoft issue.
ICT will be upgrading University email accounts to Exchange 2010   View Summary
2 September 2011
EmailInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) will be upgrading University staff email accounts to Exchange 2010. This upgrade will result in greater email functionality for both Windows and Mac users.
August 2011
Staff using Office 2007 will receive latest Microsoft maintenance updates   View Summary
12 August 2011
Microsoft office 2007ICT has commenced installing Microsoft's latest maintenance updates to staff computers that have Microsoft Office 2007. These updates will allow ICT to upgrade the email accounts of University Staff over the coming months.
July 2011
Introducing the new ICT Training website   View Summary
29 July 2011
ICT TrainingICT has revamped the ICT Training website to provide you with easy access to key resources designed to empower you at your desk. Visit the website to view our scheduled training courses, use our online resources and guides, as well as suggest ideas for additional resources you'd like developed.
Please do not install Apple Mac OS X Lion on University computers   View Summary
22 July 2011
Staff computingICT recommends that staff do not install Mac OS X Lion on any University computers unless you are certain it is compatible with all the systems required for your work.
Student IT: What's new this semester?   View Summary
22 July 2011
Student computingYou might notice some significant changes to student IT services this semester; from the new online print management system to the opening of new computing facilities on the Darlington campus. Whether you're new to the University of returning this semester, make sure you read up on what's new! For more details, visit the Student IT website: sydney.edu.au/ict/student
University iPad users may need to change APN settings to connect to Optus 3G network   View Summary
18 July 2011
InternetOptus recently changed 3G network settings, which has subsequently caused connectivity issues with some University of Sydney iPad users.
Cisco IP Phone background images will be updated   View Summary
12 July 2011
Cisco phoneInformation and Communications Technology will be updating the background images on the Cisco IP Phones next Monday 18 July.
June 2011
McGrath (Carslaw) ICT Access Lab closure 5pm Friday 24 June   View Summary
17 June 2011
Student learningIn order to make way for the first stage of building the Learning Network we will be temporarily closing the McGrath (Carslaw) ICT Access Lab at 5pm this Friday 24 June 2011. The space will reopen in March 2012 as part of the new Carslaw Plaza.
New student learning spaces   View Summary
1 June 2011
Student computingAs part of the $500 million Teaching and Learning Capital Fund (TLC), the University is making a commitment to excellence in the student experience through the development of Learning Hubs.
May 2011
Scheduled maintenance on VoIP network in School of IT Building (J12)   View Summary
30 May 2011
phone outageBetween 6.30pm and 9.30pm this Wednesday 1 June, ICT will be performing maintenance on the Ericsson VoIP network in the School of Information Technologies Building (J12). We do not expect any service interruptions.
Protect your private information from phishing emails   View Summary
23 May 2011
Phishing attacksThere have been occasions when hackers send fraudulent emails requesting University staff and students to "reset" their UniKey accounts or "re-validate" their email mailbox by clicking a link to an unauthorised website. These emails are generally known as 'phishing attacks' because they 'fish' for private information such as your user ID, password or banking details.
Learning Network building commences in ICT Access Labs this June   View Summary
18 May 2011
Students at computerThe University of Sydney is rolling out a 'Learning Network' to support the student experience. It includes developing a number of new learning hubs on the City campus.
Windows 7 is the standard operating system for Dell computers   View Summary
11 May 2011
windows 7As of 13 May 2011 all new Dell computers have Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system, installed by default. Staff who still need to use Windows XP on new computers must specify this when placing your order.
ICT launches new staff support website   View Summary
6 May 2011
Ask Sydney - StaffUniversity staff can now find IT support information more efficiently using the new Ask Sydney - Staff website. Find answers and guides by entering a question or key words.
Additional data storage available for researchers   View Summary
4 May 2011
researchICT provides the University research community a range of tools that facilitate data storage and management. In response to the increasing demand, researchers now have access to additional storage space.
March 2011
Scheduled maintenance on University's critical systems Sat 26 March   View Summary
23 March 2011
Computer systemICT will be performing scheduled maintenance to upgrade data centre storage systems between 6am and 12am this Saturday 26 March. This will involve upgrading storage systems that host some of the University's critical information systems; however we do not anticipate any service interruptions.
Wireless network maintenance scheduled 6-8pm Tuesday 15 March   View Summary
11 March 2011
wireless outageICT will be conducting critical maintenance work on the wireless network infrastructure between 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday 15 March. Approximately 25% of wireless access points on all University campuses will be affected when the maintenance is carried out between 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday evening. Some areas may lose all wireless connectivity while other buildings that have dense wireless coverage may experience little or no impact to wireless connectivity.
Login disruption to eLearning system on 28 February   View Summary
3 March 2011
Student at computerOver the Christmas break, the University's eLearning system was upgraded from WebCT to the latest version of Blackboard. The new eLearning system has enhanced teaching features which provide a better learning experience for students.
February 2011
IT services for students - a guide for staff   View Summary
21 February 2011
Student seminarThis guide contains information about the ICT services available to Sydney students - something helpful if you've got new students asking you for all sorts of help at the beginning of semester!
Free internet access for students   View Summary
21 February 2011
screen shot of browser addressAll currently enrolled students receive free internet access through the University's wired and wireless networks. The University recognises the increasing need for students to use online resources for coursework, research and communication, and has introduced free internet access, enabling students to access these resources at no cost.
Funding opportunity for researchers: The NeCTAR Project   View Summary
21 February 2011
research collaborationThe National eResearch Collaboration and Tools (NeCTAR) project is a $47m SuperScience initiative funded over four years. Funding is available for the development and delivery of a range of eResearch services focused on collaboration.
Student guide to University IT services   View Summary
21 February 2011
Students using computersWhere can I get access to computers and printing on campus? Do I have to pay to browse the internet? Is there someone who can help me set up my laptop so I can access the wireless network? What do I do if I can't log into MyUni or Sydney Mail? Read this guide if you want to know more about the IT services available to you!
January 2011
Windows 7 installation in lecture theatres and teaching spaces   View Summary
11 January 2011
Windows 7Information and Communications Technology has commenced the installation of the Windows 7 operating system on lectern PCs in centrally managed lecture theatres and teaching spaces.
Password management - are you keeping your information secure?   View Summary
10 January 2011
Password ManagementAs an institution focused on research, our resources and information are some of the University's our most valuable assets. How do we ensure our resources, research data and personal information are properly protected from misuse?
McGrath Access Lab (Carslaw Building) closed between 4-10 January   View Summary
4 January 2011
Computer labThe McGrath (Carslaw) Access Lab will be closed from 8am Tuesday 4 January.