Sydney to host Conference of the Learning Sciences

7 July 2010

IISME deputy director Professor Michael Jacobson will convene the 2012 International Conference of the Learning Sciences.

In the 20 year history of ICLS, this is the first time the conference will be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Professor Jacobson, convenor for the conference, and deputy director of the Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, said "It's a tribute to the strength of learning sciences research at Sydney that we were able to win against worldwide competition".

The conference is held by the International Society for the Learning Sciences. This year's conference held in Chicago explored the ways disciplinary perspectives can inform the study of learning in educational settings, workplaces, and other contexts. The conference brings together scholars from a range of disciplines with researchers in the sciences of learning, instruction, and design. These diverse perspectives will be brought together to address questions of how we can better understand and improve learning.

The CoCo Research Centre does work in the learning sciences which, according to CoCo's directors, "brings together multiple disciplinary perspectives to tackle problems that are intellectually, economically, and socially central to life in the 21st century". CoCo also leads the university's Master of Learning Science and Technology program.

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