Seminar - Tina Overton on developing effective Chemistry graduates

2 July 2010

Professor Tina Overton, international expert in Chemistry Education is visiting Sydney and will be presenting the seminar, From Parrots to Professionals - Developing Effective Chemistry Graduates on Friday, 2nd July.

The talk will explore research that provides evidence to inform curriculum development in the Higher Education chemistry program. Strategies that encourage undergraduates to become more actively involved in the learning process, to develop their intellectual and transferable skills and to further develop the capabilities required by the new graduate will be explored.

About Professor Overton...

Tina Overton, Director of the Higher Education UK Physical Sciences and Professor of Chemical Education at the University of Hull has published on the topics of critical thinking, context and problem based learning and their role in developing conceptual understanding and cognitive skills and the development of problem solving skills. She has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's HE Teaching Award, Tertiary Education Award and Nyholm Prize. Tina is a National Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

More information

Professor Overton will also be available in the morning to talk to people. No RSVP is required for the seminar but if you would like to talk to Tina please contact Adam Bridgeman (before Wednesday) or Ron Clarke

Time: 2:00pm

Location: LT4 in Chemistry

Cost: Free

Contact: Adam Bridgeman

Email: 325b04465b1530550a592b0201062b3a54373030135f061c1f1f5806