Other News

  • Summer School accommodation bookings open now[27 June 2018]

    Map of International House

    Heading to Sydney for Summer School? International House is offering University of Sydney Summer School students discounted accommodation for the duration of their course. More

  • Keshni's project for peace[25 June 2018]

    Keshni Haria

    While university students across the country enjoy well-deserved downtime after weeks of exams, International House resident Keshni Haria, of Kenya, will be jetting to Nairobi to tackle a problem close to home for many young Kenyan girls. More

  • Walter Westman Lecture 2018[17 May 2018]

    Anna Rose, author and environmentalist

    Anna will share her personal journey as an ordinary person who found a way to make an impact, and share stories of others who are doing what they can in Australia and around the world. More

  • Expressions of Interest: Non-Executive Directors[30 April 2018]

    International House Rotunda

    International House is seeking expressions of interest to fill a number of non-executive vacancies on our Council (board). Our Council has delegated governance authority from the Senate of the University of Sydney. More

  • 5 reasons to live at International House[26 April 2018]

    Flag Dinner

    Applications to International House are open now. More

  • DIY decorating challenge[18 April 2018]

    Room decorating challenge

    We welcomed some of our newest residents to International House by giving them $150 and one week to explore some local shops, buy cool stuff, decorate their rooms, and film it for the world to see. More

  • Music of the world [10 April 2018]

    Resident performer

    The sounds of the world will take centre stage at International House this Saturday for the annual SUIHAA Resident and Alumni Music Night. More

  • GLP Talk 1: Global and Diverse Leadership[20 March 2018]

    Professor Jean Chin

    Leadership today is more important than ever as the 21st century brings about rapid and significant change in society and our institutions. More

  • Flag Dinner recap and award winners[15 March 2018]

    Flag Dinner

    The Flag Ceremony was conducted by IHMA Chairperson Brie Watson, who introduced the 34 residents who volunteered to translate and recite the pledge in their native language and place their national flag alongside others on display. More

  • Cormack-Rowlands Award Open[12 March 2018]

    Joan Rowlands

    The Cormack Rowlands Award is open to all current International House residents enrolled full time in a course at the University of Sydney. The award is to be used within Australia or overseas during the academic year for a project to overcome disadvantage. More

  • Flag Ceremony and Dinner[5 March 2018]

    Flag Dinner

    The colour and culture of International House will be on full display at Friday's annual Flag Dinner. More

  • International House: The building and the logo[15 February 2018]

    Image of International House rotunda

    Almost everyone who comes to International House for the first time will notice its front stone porch and brick facade, and this is no different today from when it was built in 1967, with the exception of a few additions that mark the progress of time. More