Flag Dinner

16 March 2013

As is the custom of IH, the House welcomed residents, new and returning, with the annual Flag Dinner. Brightly coloured stickers of flags, signifying their international background, were proudly displayed, as were traditional costumes from around the world.

As usual, dinner was a delicious event spent talking and laughing with friends. Preceding this was the reading of the pledges by each country's representative in their mother tongue - a pledge made to peace and understanding.

Following the dinner was the first party of the semester! It was aptly themed 'Back to School' and the Wool Room was decorated with a giant, tongue-in-cheek periodic table of elements (with a few elements being named after IHMA committee members).

Thank you to all involved in organising this event! To check out more pictures and get updates, check out the official IHMA page and the official IH page.