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November 2011
2011 at International House   View Summary
13 November 2011
2011 at International HouseIn a flash, another year has come and gone. 2011 has been an incredible year here at International House. This year's line-up consisted of spectacular cultural and social events, international festivals, sporting activities, academic programs, peer support, and the list goes on!
October 2011
Charity Night 2011   View Summary
15 October 2011
Charity Night 2011Charity night is the annual event where residents come together and fundraise for a specific charity...
Project for Peace 2011   View Summary
8 October 2011
Peace to the Refugee: A project to care for children with disabilities in the Dadaab Refugee CampPeace to the Refugee: A project to care for children with disabilities in the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, Africa
IH Ball 2011   View Summary
8 October 2011
IH Ball 2011The IH Ball is the annual event organised by IHMA at the end of the second semester. Held at the Australian National Maritime Museum this year, the Ball started at 6pm with wine, champagne and mingling at the waterfront.
September 2011
Walter Westman Lecture 2011   View Summary
28 September 2011
Walter Westman Lecture 2011On Wednesday 28th September 2011, International House held the 4th annual Walter Westman Lecture on Science, Humanity and the Environment...
iNight 2011   View Summary
20 September 2011
iNight 2011Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Show: IHMA presents diversity of culture and talent..
Stargazing   View Summary
19 September 2011
Stargazing 2011On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, a small group of residents made their way out to the IH log cabin in Belanglo State Forest for the annual stargazing trip.
Mooncake Festival   View Summary
12 September 2011
Mooncake FestivalA celebration of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival was held on the rooftop on 11thSeptember 2011...
August 2011
Dessert Fair 2011   View Summary
26 August 2011
Dessert Fair 2011On Friday night 8 teams of residents dished out a scrumptious selection of sweet delicacies...
Asia Pacific Youth Conference   View Summary
24 August 2011
Asia Pacific Youth Conference - Romina PunoRomina Puno's account of the Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC) in Philip Islands, Melbourne.
Foundation Day Dinner & Disco   View Summary
5 August 2011
Foundation Day Dinner & DiscoFoundation Day marked the first formal event of the second semester...
June 2011
Getting to know the residents: Daniel   View Summary
22 June 2011
Current IH resident: DanielGet to know some of the IH residents in a short interview.
World Environment Day Dinner and Disco 2011   View Summary
4 June 2011
World Environment DayThe last formal event of the year began with cocktail entrées in the Wool Room, followed by a fascinating speech by Associate Professor Gavin Birch from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions.
May 2011
Harbour Cruise 2011   View Summary
22 May 2011
Harbour CruiseThe annual 3 hour cruise organised by the IHMA is one of the highlights of the semester.
2011 International Idols   View Summary
8 May 2011
International IdolsHosted by the International House Members Association, IH Idol is a fun, annual singing competition that any resident can enter. This year, the competition has again uncovered some great singing talent from within the house.
March 2011
Earth Hour: Candlelight Tea Party   View Summary
26 March 2011
Earth Hour: Candlelight Tea PartyLights went off all around Sydney on the 26th March for one hour as people commemorated Earth Hour. International House also played their part in this environmental awareness movement.
2011 Flag Dinner Ceremony & ABC Disco   View Summary
18 March 2011
Flag Ceremony Dinner and Disco2011 Flag Dinner Ceremony & ABC Disco
Interfloor Games   View Summary
13 March 2011
Interfloor GamesInterfloor Games is a great way for residents living on the same floor to bond through teamwork and an afternoon of fun.
Women's Day Dinner and Trivia Night   View Summary
4 March 2011
Women's Day Dinner and Trivia NightResidents of IH enjoyed a fine buffet dinner preluded by drinks and entrees in the Wool Room. Nicky Ringland, an inspirational guest speaker from the School of IT came and spoke about women in the field of information technologies.
February 2011
YHA   View Summary
22 February 2011
International House was transformed into a YHA outpostOver the Summer Break, International House was once again transformed into a YHA outpost.