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November 2013
Candlelight Dinner 2013   View Summary
29 November 2013
Candlelight DinnerThe candlelight dinner was the final formal dinner of the year! We bade farewell to the residents leaving us and honoured those who contributed so much to the IH community. Then, the final party of the year: the Halloween party!
October 2013
IH Ball   View Summary
23 October 2013
Residents at the IH BallThe long awaited IH ball put its best foot forward at the Centrepoint Tower.
Mid-Autumn Festival   View Summary
15 October 2013
Residents enjoying the mid-autumn festival celebrationResidents enjoyed the celebration of the mid-autumn festival with mooncakes and lanterns on the rooftop! Click through to check out a video of IH residents wishing all a happy mid-autumn festival.
International House Table Tennis Open   View Summary
15 October 2013
The trophyInternational House hosted its annual inter-college table tennis tournament. It also won all 3 prizes!
iNight 2013   View Summary
5 October 2013
iNightHands down, the most anticipated night of the year: iNight! A madcap night of awesome performances - it was truly a time for hidden talents and stich-inducing humour to shine through.
September 2013
Stargazing 2013   View Summary
22 September 2013
SUIHAA Stargazing - Telescope SetupIH residents took a trip up to the gorgeous Belangalo State Forest - home to the IH log cabin - for SUIHAA's annual stargazing trip.
Dessert Fair   View Summary
4 September 2013
Monster cupcakes - Dessert Fair 2013The dining hall became host to a sugar wonderland! From simple watermelon pops to key lime pie to chocolate castles - there was a bit of something for everybody!
August 2013
Faculty Dinner 2013   View Summary
17 August 2013
Faculty DinnerThe Faculty Dinner served up great food in the presence of great company. The first formal dinner of the year, the Faculty Dinner was a wonderful welcome to the first week of uni.
Re-O Week   View Summary
13 August 2013
Christmas in JulyEveryone's favourite week repeats itself! Crammed full of cupcakes, games, tours, and more - International House welcomed its residents in style. Even Santa came down to visit!
The Walter Westman Lecture 2013   View Summary
13 August 2013
John Quiggin giving Walter Westman talkIs it too late to stabilise the global climate? Dr. John Quiggin answers this question in 2013's Walter Westman lecture.
June 2013
StuVac Suppers   View Summary
23 June 2013
Emperor puffs at StuVac SuppersStuVac's a tough week for many students. Thank goodness, then, for StuVac Suppers! With different treats every night, it keeps moods afloat, brains whirring, and stomachs full.
Foundation Day Dinner 2013   View Summary
12 June 2013
Foundation Day Dinner 2013The Foundation Day Dinner marked the end of another great semester for IH. Not only did residents celebrate the founding of IH, they managed to do so looking especially sharp while enjoying the night with good food and even better company. Click through to get more details!
May 2013
Outlook - the IHMA Newsletter (Part 2)   View Summary
28 May 2013
Cover of Outlook Issue 2Issue 2 is now out! Read interviews with Katy Cuthbert, IH's Deputy Director, and Bo An Lu, one of IH's senior residents here!
International House Idol 2013   View Summary
25 May 2013
International House Idol winner, Sarah ChanWe've crowned Sarah Chan as the new IH Idol from 3 of our talented residents! Click through to watch the video of the event and find out more!
International Food Fair 2013   View Summary
17 May 2013
Team KoreaWith such high expectations for the International Food Fair, you'd think it would fall short in some way. Not so! This delicious culinary adventure was fantastic - with new foods to try and a beautiful dining hall. Find out more here!
Outlook - the IHMA newsletter   View Summary
6 May 2013
Front page of OutlookHave you seen the latest IHMA newsletter? Click through to check it out!
Harbour Cruise 2013   View Summary
1 May 2013
Harbour cruise 2013The annual Harbour Cruise was a wonderful, fun-filled time with friends and gorgeous views of Sydney's bright lights. Missed it? Find out more here!
April 2013
IH Sports   View Summary
22 April 2013
Interfloor Games 2013Get updated on all things sporty at IH! Check out what residents have been up to at the inter-floor games, the charity run, and the IH vs. SUIHAA soccer match!
Classical Music Soiree   View Summary
7 April 2013
Performance at the classical music soireeSUIHAA brought us the Classical Music Soiree this year, showcasing the musical talents of International House residents! It was definitely a treat for all.
March 2013
Inter-Faculty Trivia Night   View Summary
17 March 2013
Cheering residentWhich faculty has the brightest minds? With mocktails and incredibly random questions, Trivia Night puts these minds to the test. Read on to find out who won!
Flag Dinner   View Summary
16 March 2013
FlagsThe annual Flag Dinner welcomed new residents and reminded us all of the House's commitment to international understanding. It was a great way to end Week 1, too!
O-Week 2013   View Summary
14 March 2013
O-Week Amazing RaceWeek 2 has come and gone! If you're missing the fun and leisure of O-week, check this out!
January 2013
Dr Andrew Knight book tour guest seminar - Tuesday 26th February   View Summary
21 January 2013
Dr Andrew KnightDr Knight is now a UK-based European Veterinary Specialist in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law and a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. As part of Dr Knight's national book tour, he will be speaking on harmful animal use within life and health sciences education and humane teaching methods, presenting the findings from his acclaimed book, 'The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments', recently published within the Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series.