English Language Scholarships to Becas Chile scholarship holders

30 November 2012

In 2013, the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching will offer up to 25 weeks of English Language Scholarships to Becas Chile scholarship holders, provided the scholarship fund provides a stipend for accommodation and living expenses for the period of study, and the students are enrolled in Masters by Research or PhD/Doctorate programs and enrol in the Direct Entry Pathway (DEC25, 15 or 10 week) programs. Please note that there are limited places and that students must have met the English language entry requirements for the Direct Entry programs.

  1. 32 scholarships of up to 25 weeks of English language instruction will be offered per year.
  2. Start will be Sem 1, 2013 (these are pathways for Sem 2, 2013 degree start). The DEC 25 program for Sem 2, 2013 starts on 2 January 2013.
  3. Recipients must be existing scholarship holders with conditional offers for post-graduate research degrees needing 25 weeks or less of Direct Entry Courses (equates to 1.0 IELTS gap). Their scholarship should provide a stipend for living expenses during the English language component but not the fees.
  4. Students must be enrolled normally online: and then will be offered a package.