The Institutional Design of the NSW Planning System - Councils, Panels and the Minister

23 September 2009

The Institutional Design of the NSW Planning System - Councils, Panels and the Minister

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John Roseth, Chair of the Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel

John Mant, retired lawyer and planner


Dr Andrew Edgar Sydney Law School

About the Presentation

The most recent reforms to the NSW planning system have introduced new decision-making bodies - the Planning Assessment Commission and Joint Regional Planning Panels. In this seminar two experienced members of the planning community will assess the introduction of these bodies into the planning system.

John Roseth will discuss five systems for determining development applications: local councils, the Minister, the Planning Assessment Commission, Joint Regional Planning Panels and the Land and Environment Court.

John Mant will discuss JRPPs as a form of corporatism, whereby government is undertaken by a group of associates who appoint one another to government positions and use the power and authority of the government power to protect the group from accountability. The paper will also look at JRPPs in terms of the separation of powers doctrine and in terms of where JRPPs fit in the approval process. It will be argued that the policy role of JRPPs is a denial of democracy and that panel members face multiple conflicts of interest. An alternative model is presented as a means of addressing the issues supposedly addressed by JRPPs.

Time: 6.00-7.00pm (registration and refreshments from 5.30pm)

Location: Sydney Law School

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