2012 ACCEL Conference: Climate change, catastrophic risk and Disaster Law

10 December 2012

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Climate extremes become disasters when they cause widespread damage and severe alterations in the normal functioning of human and ecological communities and societies. Disaster risk management entails the policies, processes and strategies needed to improve understanding of disaster risk, foster disaster risk reduction and transfer, and promote continuous improvement in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery practices.

In the United States, Disaster Law has developed in response to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, where it became clear that the law is woefully unprepared to handle disasters although it plays a central role in: disaster prevention, mitigation and response; insurance/liability compensation; government assistance; and rebuilding.

This conference provides the latest scientific evidence on climate change and potential disasters. It discusses how the risk of such disasters should be spread between government, insurers and civil society and provides a framework for thinking about the evolution of Climate Disaster Law in the context of climate justice.


REGISTRATION: 1.30pm-2.00pm

WELCOME: 2.00pm-2.05pm
Introduction and welcome
Professor Rosemary Lyster, Director, Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law, Sydney Law School

WELCOME TO COUNTRY: 2.05pm-2.10pm

Mr Michael West, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council


Mr Mike Rothery, First Assistant Secretary, National Security Resilience Policy Division, Attorney-General's Department

SESSION 1: 2.10pm-2.40pm
Has or will the climate become "more extreme"?
Dr Lisa Alexander, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW

SESSION 2 (KEYNOTE ADDRESS): 2.40pm-3.25pm
Climate Change as Extreme Sport: Catastrophic Risk, Disaster Law, and Climate Policy Professor
Professor Dan Farber, Center for Law, Energy and the Environment, Berkeley University

AFTERNOON TEA: 3.25pm 3.45pm

SESSION 3: 3.45pm-4.15pm
Adaptation - Beyond Uncertainty?
Dr Tony Coleman, Lonergan Edwards & Associates Limited

SESSION 4: 4.15pm-4.45pm
Destroying capabilities, disasters and climate change justice
Professor Rosemary Lyster, Director, Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law, Sydney Law School

Q&A: 4.45pm-5.00pm

Lawyers/barristers: attendance at this lecture is equal to3 MCLE/CPD units.

This event is presented by Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law (ACCEL)

Time: 2.00pm-5.00pm (registration from 1.30pm)

Location: Sydney Law School, Building F10, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Cost: Full $195; Alumni and NGOs $155; FT Students $99

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