The Supreme Court Annual Corporate Law Conference

11 August 2009

Directors in Troubled Times

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The global credit crisis has placed company directors under extreme pressure, for on the one hand the economic situation has made doing business and obtaining access to finance more difficult and uncertain, while on the other hand, the law continues to demand that directors act in the best interests of the company (including creditors, when the company is in difficulty), that they exercise due care and diligence in financial and other matters, and that they avoid allowing the company to trade while insolvent. The director's task appears to have become more difficult, and yet there are moves for further regulation of the compensation of directors and officers.

Current developments in these fields will be addressed by Professor Ian Ramsay of the University of Melbourne, Neil Young QC of the Melbourne Bar, Ian Jackman SC of the Sydney Bar and Professor Jennifer Hill of the University of Sydney. Then Alan Cameron AM will sum up, asking the poignant question, how do directors sleep at night?

The edited transcript of the proceedings with an introductory essay will be published as a monograph by the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law at the University of Sydney. A copy will be sent to all conference registrants.

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Time: 2.00-6.00pm

Location: Banco Court, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Level 13, Queens Square, Sydney.

Cost: Full Fee $240 (inc GST)

Contact: Richard Plane, Law Society of New South Wales

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