Author-meets-reader forum: Professor Anne Orford

13 December 2012

Author-meets-reader forum:

International Authority and the Responsibility to Protect
by Professor Anne Orford
(Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Professor Anne Orford (University of Melbourne)

Dr Ben Golder (UNSW).

Dr Daniel McLoughlin (Adelaide Law School)

Dr Jacqui Mowbray (University of Sydney)

Dr Charlotte Peevers (UTS)

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The idea that states and the international community have a responsibility to protect populations at risk has framed internationalist debates about conflict prevention, humanitarian aid, peacekeeping and territorial administration since 2001. Anne Orford situates the 'responsibility to protect' concept in a wider historical and jurisprudential context, demonstrating that the appeal to protection as the basis for de facto authority has emerged at times of civil war or revolution - the protestant revolutions of early modern Europe, the bourgeois and communist revolutions of the following centuries and the revolution that is decolonisation. This history, from Hobbes to the UN, of the resulting attempts to ground authority on the capacity to guarantee security and protection is essential reading for all those seeking to understand, engage with, limit or critique the expansive forms of international rule authorised by the responsibility to protect concept.

Time: 12.30pm-2.30pm (light lunch from 12.00pm)

Location: Common Room, Level 4, New Law Building, Sydney Law School

Cost: Free, however registration is essential

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