Family Law Seminar: The Voices of Children in Family Law Disputes

20 November 2009

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. For further information please contact our Events Co-ordinator on (02) 9351 0248.

When relationships break down, disputes commonly arise over the parenting arrangements for children, whose living arrangements have to be reorganised at a time of great conflict and turmoil. Most such disputes are resolved without a judicial determination through private agreement, negotiation between lawyers, mediation, or a combination of these methods. If a case is likely to go to trial, there is often an independent children's lawyer appointed.

This seminar will examine whether and how children should be involved in the process of resolving family law disputes, and how lawyers represent children in child protection matters. Although there is widespread acceptance in the Western world that the views of children should be taken into account, and that the weight given to those views should depend on their age and maturity, there is much less agreement about how children's voices should be heard. There are also issues about the role of independent children's lawyers both in family law and child protection matters.

The seminar will present the latest research on these issues, drawing on interviews with parents, children, lawyers and mediators.

Speakers include:

Professor Patrick Parkinson, Sydney Law School

Associate Professor Judy Cashmore, Sydney Law School

Nicola Ross, Newcastle Law School

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Registration Fees;

Full Fee: $110 inc GST

University of Sydney Staff Member: $44 inc GST

University of Sydney Student: $44 inc GST

Attendance at this seminar is equal to 3 MCLE/CPD points.

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm Seminar, 1.00pm Registration opens

Location: Sydney Law School, Building F10, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Contact: Event Coordinator

Phone: 9351 0248

Email: 35592e571d38275c3307053158482f41012a0f65112f