Distinguished Visitor: Bryan A. Garner

31 July 2012

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Bryan A. Garner is known throughout the English-speaking legal world for his publications and seminars on the techniques of effective legal writing and advocacy. He is probably best known for his magisterial work Garner's Dictionary of Legal Usage (now in its 3rd edition) and as editor in chief of Black's Law Dictionary (now in its 9th edition). Professor Garner has written over 20 books covering all aspects of legal writing and advocacy.

Professor Garner is a scintillating speaker. He has addressed lawyers, judges, and law students in hundreds of seminars throughout the United States and the common-law legal world. This is his first visit to Sydney.

In this seminar, "The Art of Legal Writing", Professor Garner will discuss the techniques for powerful, effective legal writing: how to take dull writing and turn it into gold.

Lawyers/barristers: attendance at this lecture is equal to 1.5 MCLE/CPD units.

Time: 12-1.30pm

Location: Assembly Hall, Ground Floor Old Law School St James Campus 173-175 Phillip St Sydney

Cost: $70 full fee, $60 SLS alumni

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Phone: 02 9351 0323

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