Symposium: Passions outside medicine and Sydney Medical School/MAA dinner

12 March 2010

The Medical Alumni Association and the Unit of Medical Humanities in Sydney Medical School are planning this symposium on 'Passions outside medicine'. This event will precede the Sydney Medical School / Medical Alumni Association Dinner to be held that evening. Please note that the program will conclude earlier than previously advertised to enable participants to also attend thepublic lecture by 2009 Nobel Prizewinner, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn.

Passions outside medicine:
· Music and medicine (1.00-1.45pm): Michael Field, John Carmody and students enrolled in Music-Medicine degree pathway
· Literature and medicine (1.45-2.30pm): Jill Gordon and Sue Ogle
· Coffee break (2.30-2.50pm)
· The humanities in medicine (2.50-3.40pm): Claire Hooker, Tim Metcalf and other speakers in a panel discussion.

Michael Field is Associate Dean and Head of the Northern Clinical School. He and John Carmody convene and teach the Music and Medicine program at Sydney Medical School.

John Carmody was a member of the Medical Faculty at UNSW for almost 40 years before taking up two honorary positions at the University of Sydney. While a physiologist and pharmacologist at UNSW, he had a long involvement with the Library and the General Studies program as well as serving four 2-year terms as a staff-elected member of the governing Council. Since 1978 he has worked professionally as an opera and concert music, broadcaster and book reviewer whose work appears in a diversity of Australian and international media. Since 2004 he has been co-convenor of the Medicine and Music course in the Master of Medical Humanities and a regular presenter in that course. He was a contributor to the symposium on medical history which the MAA organised in late 2009 and is a regular contributor to the Ockham's Razor programs on ABC Radio National.

Jill Gordon and Sue Ogle graduated from the University of Sydney in the same year - longer ago than either cares to remember! Sue is a specialist in aged care at Royal North Shore Hospital, and Jill has a general practice less than a kilometre away. Sue convenes the medical writers in the AMA (NSW) Creative Doctors' Network - set up with the purpose of providing a creative outlet for medicos in Sydney, and Jill initiated Australia's first Masters degree in Medical Humanities. Choosing different aspects of their assigned topic - Literature and Medicine - Jill will speak to the broad question of why the link is 'desperately' important, and Sue to the more personal question, 'why literature for me?'

Claire Hooker is Senior Lecturer in Medical Humanities at the Centre for Values, Ethics and Law in Medicine at Sydney Medical School. She co-ordinates the Medical Humanities program.

Tim Metcalf is an internationally published poet of medicine. His fourth book Verbal Medicine, an anthology of clinician poets in Australia and New Zealand, was winner of the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards in 2007. His sixth book The Effective Butterfly is due out shortly. Tim does rural and remote emergency medicine and general practice around Australia, most recently in Queenstown Tasmania, Broken Hill NSW and Tennant Creek NT.

Please register for the Symposium (no cost) and lunch boxes by informing Diana
Lovegrove: or call 02 9114 1163. Lunch boxes for $15 will be available from 12pm to 1pm at the venue.

By combining the three events (Symposium, Public Lecture and SMS/MAA Dinner), we hope to encourage more of our alumni from areas beyond Sydney to come and join us.

The Sydney Medical School and Medical Alumni Association Dinner will be held in the Great Hall from 7pm. The guest speaker will be Tanveer Ahmed, a medical alumnus (2000) and newspaper columnist.


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Time: 1 - 3:40pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 024, New Law School, Main Campus, University of Sydney

Contact: Diana Lovegrove

Phone: 02 9114 1163

Email: 572f342334795426030c281c0e453c04300d310527404457162f613742