Seminar - e-health expose

12 March 2013

Presenter:Dr Andrew Campbell, Bachelor of Health Sciences Co-Director, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences

Presentation summary

This presentation will give a broad overview of the current research and applications in e-Health, with a general review of e-health records, tele-health, online counselling, mobile technologies, virtual reality and serious games. Dr Campbell will also give specific examples of his work to date involving biofeedback serious games to treat ADHD and Virtual Client Interview Training Software developed in 2012.

About the speaker

Dr Andrew Campbell has been researching and teaching in the area of e-Mental Health and Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health for more than a decade. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Co-Director of the Bachelor of Health Sciences. He obtained his PhD in psychology in 2003 and was the first psychologist in Australia to research and publish about the use of the Internet for social fearfulness self-help. He is often approached to speak in the media on the topics of popular leisure and communication technology (e.g. video game addiction, mobile phone use and youth culture and technology) and its impact on healthy behaviour across the lifespan. He has conducted research notably in the area of online therapies for depression and anxiety, as well as in AD/HD treatment using bio-feedback videogames.

In 2006 he established a research team called, Prometheus - Technology and Well Being (TWB), which is one of 63 partner organisations under the CRC Young and Well, which was awarded $27million in funding by the DIISR for 5 years. He is a passionate teacher who has secured Learning and Teaching Grants in excess of $200K since 2005 to improve Health Science Education at The University of Sydney.

Hosted by Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Time: 11am

Location: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Level 5, Theatre 1

Contact: Andrew Vakulin

Email: 28393d0722385f0024131c225c246b453d132550184c105c21585022