Seminar - Developmental eye disease: genes and networks

15 March 2012

Presenter: Professor Veronica van Heyningen, MRC Human Genetics Unit, MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Over the years we identified PAX6, SOX2 and OTX2 as genes mutated in human eye malformations. These are transcription factors with multiple roles in eye and brain development. They are flanked by complex genomic regulatory domains that function as enhancers, driven by regulators. Together they constitute networks required for robust eye development and some components have emerged as additional disease genes.

Hosted by the Brain and Mind Research Institute as part of the SciNaPPS (Science, Neurology and Psychiatry/ Psychology Seminars) series

Time: 1 - 2pm

Location: Level 5 Lecture Theatre, 94 Mallet St, Camperdown.

Cost: Free to attend, no RSVP required

Contact: Professor Bernard Balleine

Email: 10143937531408582d50385d16080f316b310f5327330c64100224773624