Seminar - Can leadership skills be learnt from the military?

14 May 2012

The armed forces have a strong culture of leadership. When a crisis occurs or when plans have to be made, the chain of command is clear and effective. Are there lessons from the military which can help develop leadership skills in the medical profession? This panel will comprise medical graduates and medical students who also have experience of working in the armed forces. If the military has anything to teach us, they should know.

Chair: A/Professor John H. Overton
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Reade, Defence Professor of Military Medicine & Surgery, University of Queensland
Dr Andrew Ellis, Orthopaedic Surgeon, RNSH, & Military Reserve
Josie Bourne, Medical student, University of Notre Dame (Captain in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps)
Bob Worswick, Sydney Medical School student

Time: 1- 2.30pm

Location: Footbridge Theatre, Camperdown campus

Contact: Rebecca Mann

Email: 4242220c2b5a2c1b2c083e0f3b7d2d0e105a3743