Seminar - Women leaders in Medicine: Juggling priorities

15 May 2012

A career in medicine is demanding, busy and often urgent. Family life sometimes suffers. It can be particularly hard for women who also have a commitment to raising a family. Hear from established and potentially future women leaders in medicine about how they have managed juggling family with a successful career.

Chair: Dr. Clara Chow, Head of the Cardiac Program at George Institute for Global Health
Dr Rosyln Crampton, Emergency Physician and Director, Postgraduate Medical Education, Westmead Hospital
A/Professor Margaret Schnitzler, Colorectal Surgeon, Northern Clinical School
A/Professor Gemma Figtree, RNSH
Dr Amanda Stephens, Registrar Emergency Medicine, Westmead Hospital

Time: 1- 2.30pm

Location: Footbridge Theatre, Camperdown campus

Contact: Rebecca Mann

Email: 1e5c372808030d362c10220b566657030c4a3833