Seminar - Monitoring absolute cardiovascular risk: how often do we need to re-measure?

16 May 2012

Speakers: KatyBell, University of Sydney and Andrew Hayen, University of New South Wales


Clinicians are encouraged to start blood pressure and lipid lowering treatment on the basis of an individual's overall risk of a cardiovascular event, rather than the blood pressure or lipid level alone. However there is uncertainty as to when we should re-measure an individual's risk if treatment isn't needed. We used data from the Tokyo Health Check-up Study (n=13758) and the Framingham Study (n=3855) to estimate the probability of becoming high risk among individuals not on treatment after increasing intervals of follow up. We also examined the probability of changes in risk on re-measurement after only a few weeks, using data in the NHANES Study. We will present the results of these analyses and discuss implications for how cardiovascular risk may be monitored among individuals initially not at high risk.

Hosted by Screening & Test Evaluation Program (STEP), School of Public Health

Time: 1 - 2pm

Location: Chemistry Lecture Theatre 4, University of Sydney

Contact: Jessica Frazer

Phone: 02 9351 5994

Email: 27282a342a4806582a24202c091f0638293d2637407432134c1a0d21