Seminar - The role of the doctor in 2030. Team leader or team member?

28 May 2012

Medicine may be very different in 2030. What will the doctor's role be? Are other professions more suitable to take the lead in some circumstances? Are we really team players or does it only work when we are in charge. Hear perspectives of medical students who have worked as health professionals in other disciplines and from professionals from Allied Health and Medicine who have a broad perspective on teamwork.

Chair: Professor Bruce Robinson, Dean, Sydney Medical School
Professor Mary Chiarella, Professor of Nursing, Sydney Nursing School. Former Chief Nurse, NSW Health
Ms Kerry Stevenson, Allied Health, Central Coast
Dr Andrew McDonald, MP, NSW Shadow Minister for Health
Blair Rasmussen, medical student
Hannah Lorking, medical student

Time: 1- 2.30pm

Location: Footbridge Theatre, Camperdown campus

Contact: Rebecca Mann

Email: 0267073b035823463e2a3a032b6f2f023b441925