Seminar - Should doctors advocate about the medical challenges of climate change?

29 May 2012

Who was it that said "Climate change is the great moral dilemma of our time"? Is it? Should doctors become involved? What are the medical challenges of climate change? Discuss with medical graduates who have become involved in climate change about why they have done it and how climate change can influence health and disease.

Chair: Professor Michael Frommer, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), SMS
Dr Graeme Horton, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle
Dr Stephen Lightfoot, Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Ben Ticehurst, NSW Representative for Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA)
Peter Sainsbury, Director, Population Health, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts; Associate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Time: 1- 2.30pm

Location: Footbridge Theatre, Camperdown campus

Contact: Rebecca Mann

Email: 165c0c4e1f2b371c4f2d042c17481d52001d505a