Seminar - INFLATE - Endocrine and metabolic effects of NSAID therapy

13 November 2012

Full title: INFLATE - Endocrine and metabolic effects of NSAID therapy on overweight, hypogonadal men with OSA: A pilot study, plus a little about "SLEEEP" and "DEAR" studies

Speaker: Ms Elizabeth Machan, CIRUSgroup, Woolcok Institute of Medical Research

Liz's talk will be introducing a pilot trial about to commence at the Woolcock known as the inflate study. This novel work investigates the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on men with obstructive sleep apnea who are overweight and hypogonadal. Liz will introduce the trial as well as provide background about the concept and sophisticated sampling involved. Liz will also briefly introduce the SLEEEP study as well as outlining the DEAR trial and overview the vision for the provision of clinical weight loss services for patients at the Woolcock.

Liz is an accredited exercise physiologist and nutritionist who is completing her PhD at the Woolcock. Her clinical practice is centred mainly around weight loss in the management of conditions such as sleep apnea, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other weight related conditions. Liz specialises in lifestyle management with expertise in health coaching to aid her clinical work.

Hosted by the Woolcok Institute of Medical Research

Time: 8.45 am

Location: Woolcok Institute of Medical Research, 5th Floor, Theatre 1

Contact: Andrew Vakulin

Email: 30033d1817104b3b3803375908090346185c0414484b231c467a0234