Rock for Dollo - The Original Faux Pas with Adam Spencer

7 December 2012
The Original Faux Pas in action
The Original Faux Pas in action

Faculty of Medicine rockers joined by Adam Spencer in Rock for Dollo refugee camp fundraiser

The School of Public Health's Simon Chapman, Bob Cumming and Suzanne Plater's band the Original Faux Pas will be joined by ABC 702 and Sydney alumnus Adam Spencer on guitar for two big gigs to raise $50,000 for shelter for 170,000 Somali refugees living in the Dollo refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Saturday Dec 1 (max 200 tickets) at Balmain's Cat and Fiddle Hotel and Friday Dec 7 at the University's Manning Bar (max 900).


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Time: 7pm

Location: Manning Bar, Camperdown campus