25 February 2010

Performances by a host of musicians from Regional NSW will be an integral part of a special festival at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music next month.

The musicians, including students, are from six conservatoriums - Riverina, Mitchell, Central Coast,Tamworth, Wollongong and Upper Hunter - confirmed for the event, which is expected to attract more than 10,000 people.

The Con's Open Day on Sunday 28 March will present the biggest array of concerts, displays and lectures involving a mix of students, faculty and guest artists on record.

The Regional Conservatoria, involving flute choirs, jazz orchestras, string quartets, clarinet ensembles and solo pianists, will be showcased in a dedicated Recital Hall throughout the day. Details of their individual performances will be confirmed closer to the day.

It is the first time Tamworth, Wollongong and Upper Hunter Conservatoriums have featured at Open Day, an event predicated on welcoming people of all ages and from all walks of life to one of the world's leading music institutions.

'This event is evolving into a highlight of the annual music calendar and that makes it even more special that we will have our friends from Regional Conservatoria on the official program,' commented the Dean and Principal of The Con, Professor Kim Walker.

'We are very excited about the works they will perform and the value-add that will come from their presence at an event that aims to showcase the fullest range of music genres possible- from jazz to opera, classical to contemporary, from maestros to apprentices.

'The Con is passionate about music and its development, history and portrayal, and we know that NSW Regional Conservatoria feel exactly the same way.

'We have plans for our orchestra to travel more broadly in regional areas in 2010,' Professor Walker added.

Another highlight of the Open Day festival will be performances in support of the bicentenary of the start of Lachlan Macquarie's nation-building, 12-year term as Governor of NSW, as part of the NSW Government's official 2010 Macquarie celebrations.

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