22 March 2010

Rap artists they're not, but eminent percussionist Daryl Pratt

and acclaimed Australian writer David Malouf certainly know how to mix text with music.

The two leading practitioners of their craft have come together to perfect a "soundscape" that will be a highlight performance of The Con's Open Day festival this Sunday.

Eleven of Malouf's poems from various volumes of work spanning the past 20 years have been set to solo percussion music by Pratt using a "full palettte" of instruments - drums, keyboards, marimba, bells, cymbals, blocks and conga.

The mostly improvised sounds will swirl in and out of the performance, sometimes on their own, sometimes as an accompaniment to Malouf's recitations, and sometimes suspended in silence.

Pratt and Malouf first worked together on their "This Landscape" project with a performance at a musical gathering in a house in Kangaroo Valley.

"It was something of a blind date….David didn't really know who I was but I knew who he was…it justcame together nicely," comments Pratt, the Chair of Percussion at The Con.

"We thought it worked so well that we agreed to make our next outing, if there was going to be one,more expansive. We are thrilled to be able to present the work to Sydney audiences. There are 11separate segments in the Open Day performance."

Pratt, who was born and raised in California and migrated to Australia in 1991, said their marrying of music and verse was close to Rap, but a million miles from it as well.

"Poetry and percussion are ideally suited in many ways…there is plenty of rhythm and colour in both,and they lend themselves well to the chosen subjects of the collaborations - landscapes, relationships,reflections on place and time" said Pratt, who also conducts the Modern Music Ensemble and teaches

classes for the Composition and Jazz Units at The Con.

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