9 July 2010

Con PhD candidate Terence Yapp has claimed one of Europe's major music composition awards for his work View of the Son from the Father's Eye.

Yapp's entry in the annual Contemporary Sacred Music competition bettered 45 compositions from Europe, USA and Australia, and will be premiered on 16 July in the German state of Baden-Wurttemburg.

"This is a marvelous achievement in a distinguished award and our heartiest congratulations go out to Terence," commented Dean and Principal, Professor Kim Walker. "We would love to schedule the work in our forthcoming programs in Sydney."

The composition is for baritone, flute, tenor saxophone, violin and cello.

The jury commended its artistic approach and commented: "It is based on the situation and problems of the biblical text , the reconciliation between father and son. The piece is designed to be sonically subtle and makes a convincing emotional reception."

Sydney-born Yapp says the work "is dedicated to the musical sound space, the idea of expansion and contraction. Advanced playing techniques enable the different overtones and Colors tab to bring into play the instruments , which overlap each other and exchange."

Terence will be on hand for the premiere of the work, to be performed by Ensemble Aequinox, which is made up of world class performers.

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