Leo Beranek comes to Sydney University

19 July 2010

World famous acoustician Dr Leo Beranek will be visiting Sydney Conservatorium of Musicin August and giving a special presentation in Verbrugghen Hall for the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

In his lecture Dr Beranek will briefly cover the history of Western music and concert halls, the background to the physical determination of the behaviour of sound in rooms, and the principal acoustical attributes of concert halls. The talk will be held on 19 August at 6.00pm. For more details, please see:

Dr Beranek received his doctorate from Harvard University in 1940, and was Associate Professor of Communications Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1947 until 1958. He was the company president of Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN) from 1952-71, then one of the world's largest acoustical consulting firms. His writing on general acoustics and auditorium acoustics are considered classic texts in their fields.

In recent years he has been the acoustical consultant for a number of auditoria in Tokyo as well as receiving numerous awards, including the U.S. President's National Medal of Science in 2003.

The lecture is proudly sponsored by ARUP.

Contact: Jonathan Hulme

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