29 July 2010

Students from the Conservatorium of Music have been in production with international
star Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Babe), Australian film icon Bruce Spence (Narnia,
Star Wars) and Sonia Todd (Shine, McLeod's Daughters) in the heart warming, family
fantasy/adventure titled 'Spirit-ED'. The production is a world class, cutting edge short
film, taking the art-form of film and music to an unprecedented level in Australia.

The premise of the story is, 'What if Angels had to go to school too?'. Ms Margolyes flew in from the UK to portray the flamboyant school Headmistress at Divinity, the finishing school for Angels. The spectacular opening scenes feature the angel school choir and musicians performing Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' in the quadrangle of the University's main campus. Students Shaun Tarring and Andrew Brown took centre stage alongside Kambala junior school's chamber choir, under direction of screen composer Denis Carnahan, to create a magical sound track.

The film is set in a timeless, other-worldly atmosphere, much like the Harry Potter movies. Hence, filming inside the main Quadrangle brought an epic feature-film quality totheproduction. The magical short film is aimed at families and an international audience and will be shown at the major film festivals worldwide showcasing some of Australia's best homegrown artistic talent.

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